Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review - Hero Wars 2: Zombie Virus

Hero Wars 2: Zombie Virus - New Game Release!! 

So far it seems pretty good. You start levels with a bunker and a resource building and have spaces to build more of either, the bunker can summon various units that then run automatically at the enemy base and fight anything on the way. There are special abilities, like an attack helicopter and at the end of the level you get a special super hero type. All in all pretty well worth a buck. 

There is IAP available and it does look like it will be necessary top avoid grinding for currency, but I haven't played it enough to see just how necessary it was.


First impressions 

Nice side scrolling war game. Story / cutscenes are cartoon format but animated which is a bit jarring. Not much of it though; straight into the action. 

6 heroes for 3 slots upgradable to 6. 21 soldiers accross 7 types for 5 slots upgradable to 7. 12 mechanics across 4 types for 3 slots upgradable to 7. 6 powerful skills each with 3 power levels for 2 slots. 

10 levels in the first area with a few special mission types ahead of me by the looks of it. Probable time and boss based missions. 

Gameplay is what you would expect. Balance building resource buildings, and soldiers for attack and defense. Achieve the right balance of each and soldier types to destroy the enemy base. 

Issues; you have to click your resource producing buildings. This is a huge issue as you cannot spend time watching the front line (off screen). This means you don't know what soldier types to build to combat the enemy unit types. You end up just spamming a range of units and hoping for the best. 

More to come.

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